Super Foods in banner photo: Moringa leaf, Chamomile flower, Guanabana leaf, Cannabis flower - all anti-inflammatory, anti-infection, anti-oxidants, immune-system-builders. Chamomile is also good for anxiety and depression, per study.

Other Beneficial Plants, Remedies & Formulations





All Super Foods, or what I like to call Super Plants

Any beneficial plant's compounds can be extracted for remedy. Chamomile in tea will make you drowsy; in a concentrated formula, it can replace Valium and sleeping pills.

Shown are capsules made in an alcohol reduction. See Recipes under Apothecary.

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Sleep Plants

There are many plants that induce sleep.

This mix of plant materials was sold in a bag for steeping, used as a tea to aid sleep.

In the mix: bark & leaves from lilac, orange blossom, purple toronjil, orange leaves, pinguica - or pyracantha.

See Recipes under Apothecary for an alcohol reduction recipe to make capsules.


Bug Spray

Bugs don’t like Rosemary or Citrus. Shown here are two options, one is simply putting a sprig of rosemary in a spray bottle with water - nice for cooling off on a hot day;

The other is a sprig of rosemary in rubbing alcohol in a cold steep (24 hours)

Can use springs of fresh rosemary, strips of citrus peel. Decant into spray bottles.



A super food, chamomile is full of phytochemicals, the biologically active compounds found in plants, beneficial to human health. It also contains 28 different terpenoids and 36 flavonoids - the scent and taste where medicine is found.

Chamomile nearly mimics CBD, with the added bonus of being calming and uplifting for anxiety and depression.

Any remedy made with cannabis can be made with chamomile.

See the Chamomile page for more beneficial information.