Author's Note: Cannaopolis has been combined with Sharon's first fictional book, Humboldt Stories, and is currently being written as a pilot for a television series.

A town of a different color.

 Writer Parker Davis arrives from New York to the tiny town of Westchester, located somewhere in the great Northwest, on assignment from American Scientific Magazine.

Purposefully cut off from society for more than 30 years, the town is known for farming some of the finest weed in the world – with some of the most medicinal strains developed within its safe Haven. It’s also known for being relatively disease and illness free for decades – shunning traditional medicine or doctors, eluding the census, and becoming a completely sustainable community in the process.

The story is told in real time as the debate over legalization heats up across the country, with Parker in search of the truth of the elusive town with a covertly healthy past, and a relationship to the plant that’s difficult for the average human to understand.

Parker is welcomed to town by protective old-timers with shotguns, but introduced to its people with respect by longtime honorary mayor, Nettie – a figure reminiscent of the revolutionary 60s, with a firm eye on the future. Like many in Cannaopolis, Nettie is a “Back to the Lander, who traveled north in 1967 from San Francisco after the “Summer of Love” ended.

She teaches Parker the history of the demonization of the plant, how it has been bastardized by humans into record breaking THC highs. She also shares what the future could hold, with the hopes he will tell their story with intelligence and sensitivity, helping the world with wellness in the process.

Nettie is painfully aware she must bring her town up to speed in the world if they are to survive the ending of prohibition. She also knows it’s up to the town to share what they know about healing with a world already writhing in pain under the weight of its own poisons.

The New Yorker arrives after a long road trip, with his lower back in sciatica pain, his bottle of prescription meds by his side. The goldenrod bottle is rendered useless, though, in this town of homeopathies, where the only medicine comes from the garden, and the medicine makers are part of the community.

Biblical beginnings of the plant are shared as Parker learns about Holy Anointing Oil, Jesus, and Eastern traditions of healing, in a harvest celebration that encompasses more than bringing in the crop. Hippocrates said it best, “Make food thy medicine, and medicine thy food,” and this is not lost on its townsfolk.

What Parker didn’t bargain for was romance with a woman who would change his life forever, in wellness and in love. But will this New Yorker be able to leave city life to be well with this woman? Or will his new love interest leave the cocoon that is Cannaopolis for love and city life?

Cannaopolis is already a way of life for many around the world who have discovered the healing benefits of Cannabis and other beneficial plants as medicine. Putting the characters of the cause to life, while giving faces in real time to the history of healing in the Northwest will not only educate where there has been no education to speak of, it will help dispel the myths surrounding the weed culture that is literally growing in this country.


Many thanks to Samantha Montanaro of Prism House, PDX for the cover.

Many thanks to Samantha Montanaro of Prism House, PDX for the cover.

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