Humboldt Stories is a collection of fictional short stories based on fact on both the outdoor and indoor grow scenes in every city and unincorporated area in Humboldt County in Northern California, cannabis capitol of the world.

Characters are based on real people in the industry and the situations they’ve been through in the historically covert world of cannabis.

Originally published monthly in Humboldt weekly, The Arcata Eye as Behind the Curtain, a play on words of the Redwood Curtain that surrounds the county, and the curtain that traditionally hangs in the hallway of a grow house, separating growing rooms from the rest of the house.

Characters were added as people in the community asked to be included, sharing their own stories of hardship and success in the covert cottage industry. The 35 characters developed for the series are all based on people from the region, stories shared, or my own experiences.

We follow house sitter, Nick as he exits his risky indoor gig and enters into the world out outdoor agriculture, bringing a historic apple orchard back to life, making ganja hard cider from a recipe given to the author by Lost Coast Brewery’s founder and brew master, Barb Groom.

Grow girl Caitlin’s story is shared by many women in the industry, as she transitions from an abusive indoor op relationship as a cannabis worker, to helping Nick on the farm – with romance ensuing.

The new migrant worker’s tales are told through a series of true events, with trimming becoming the new social circle, and gangsters with guns and smash and grabs a real fear.

Humboldt Stories are the tales of the failed drug war, but they are also stories of hope for the future, as a new generation realizes its medicinal properties and a new way of life outside the covert grow op.  They are also quickly becoming historic as the region changes from legalization.

Humboldt Stories are happening around the world right now, as people and the plant are still persecuted. Education on good medicine is sorely needed, and telling the stories of those challenged before us is a part of our history with the plant.

Many thanks to samantha montanaro of Prism house, pdx for the cover.

Many thanks to samantha montanaro of Prism house, pdx for the cover.

Humboldt Stories is available as an eBook on Amazon.

Humboldt Stories is listed as one of four books of the year for the 2016 Tokey Awards by Tokin' Woman Ellen Komp. Listed second under David Bienenstock's How to Smoke Pot Properly; and followed by Chrissie Hynde's Reckless; Rita Coolidge's Delta Lady; then Rebecca Traister's All the Single Ladies

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